Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfalls Located along the Eastern Main Road, Royal Mt. Carmel consists of two falls cascading over 70 feet to crystal clear pools below. An entrance fee is charged. Location: Mt. Carmel St. Andrew Grenada Seven Sisters Falls A 30 minute trek through rain forest is necessary in order to reach the first of these seven waterfalls. Location: St. Andrew Grenada
Grand Etang Lake This lake fills the crater of one of the volcanoes along Grenada's mountainous spine, it is a popular stop on the drive through the interior of the island. There is a visitor centre with restrooms which affords a good view of the lake and surrounding rain forest. » Explore Tripadvisor Reviews Location: Grand Etang St. Andrew Grenada Lake Antoine This lake situated in St....
River Antoine Estate A historical distillery where the process of rum production has seen little change since the 1800s. It is the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery not only in Grenada, but also throughout the Caribbean. Located to the north of Grenada, visitors are welcome. Tel: (473) 442-7109. Location: St. Patrick Grenada River Sallee Boiling Springs Located in the north east of the island, the boiling...
Built on the foundations of a costal battery which guarded the Northern entrance to the town of Gouyave on the leeward western shore - the Gouyave Nutmeg processing plant is a favourite stop over point for visitors. Location: Gouyave St. John Grenada

Fort George

This fort dominates the town of St. George and is steeped in the ancient and recent history of the island. It is also the Headquarters of the Royal Grenadian Police Force. Location: St. George Grenada

Concord Falls

There are actually three falls in this area, all picturesque and ideally suited for swimming. To get to them one must turn off the Western Main Road at the Concord-Black Bay Junction. The first falls is accessible by road, the second; Au Coin, and the third; Fontainbleu are only accessible by foot. A small fee is charged for access...
Where most of the spices are grown and receive primary processing, this estate is a historical monument to Grenada's past and open to visitors.» Explore Tripadvisor Reviews Location: Gouyave St. John Grenada

Fort Frederick

Located on Richmond Hill, this fort affords stunning 360° views which include the town of St. George, Grand Anse, Point Salines, and several settlements in St. David. There is a small entry fee which goes toward its upkeep.» Explore Tripadvisor Reviews Location: Richmond Hill St. George Grenada

Fedon’s Camp

In 1795 British control of Grenada was seriously challenged by Julian Fedon, a black planter inspired by the French Revolution. Under his leadership the island's slaves rose up in a violent rebellion, effectively taking control of Grenada. Although the rebellion was crushed by the British, tensions remained high until slavery was abolished in 1834. The site of Fedon's Camp,...

Duquesne Bay

Located in St. Mark along the Western Main Road, this beach is known for its black sand and ancient Petroglyphs. Location: Duquesne St. Mark Grenada




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