Grenada’s cruising/yachting sector is recognized as a very important part of the island’s tourism product. In recent years the appointment of a Cruise and Yachting Development Officer has ensured a better understanding of this emerging industry. This is evident by the implementation in February 2006 of a one-page downloadable clearance form, meant to expedite boaters’ entrance, and departure from the tri-island state.

Due to its location at Twelve Degrees North and outside of the hurricane belt according to Lloyds of London, Grenada has always been one of the best places in the Caribbean to store yachts during the hurricane season.

One of the safest destinations in the Caribbean, with a hassle free way of life along with unspoilt beauty, Grenada is about to see a huge renaissance in cruising/yachting. Several large marinas and boatyards in Carriacou and the south of Grenada have been developed, or are in the developmental stage, ensuring a greatly enhanced cruising/yachting sector. These developments have seen Grenada rise to the position of the most desired yachting destination of the Southern Caribbean with three of the Caribbean’s largest boatyards.

Camper & Nicholsons Marinas, the oldest and most prestigious name in yachting, who has been around since 1872, have acquired the new Port Louis Marina in the Lagoon, and have completed berthing for 170 boats up to 300 ft. This new state of the art marina is in a perfect location, right next to the main town of St. George’s, and only 5 miles from the Maurice Bishop International Airport, the closest international airport to the Grenadines, considered the best cruising grounds in the Caribbean.

The main stake holders in the industry expect that there will be further growth of the sector in all areas, from yacht chartering, marinas, storage and maintenance, to youth training programs, organized monthly races, annual regattas and other boating events.


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