Grenada offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean and is known as the wreck diving capital of the West Indies with an abundance of sunken ships and boats littering the ocean floor around our islands. The most notable of those is the wreck of the Bianca C, an Italian cruise liner which sunk in 1961, now residing on a bed of sand 167 feet down.

Also available are reefs, walls and some of the only underwater sculptures in the world, created by English sculptor Jason de Caires these sculptures have been steadily integrating with other aquatic life since 2006 and are easily accessible on a leisurely dive. In total there are around 50 dive sites around the islands with depths varying from 20ft/8mtrs to 120 ft/40mtrs.

As a result of all that we have some fantastic dive operators on the island who will be very pleased to give you further information on diving in Grenada.


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