This is an annual event which marks the Feast of St. Peter – Patron Saint of Fisherman. While there are celebrations in several coastal communities around the island, the main event is staged on June 29th in the town of Gouyave, fondly referred to as, the fishing capital of Grenada.

The celebration begins with a morning church service, which is followed by a procession through the town and onto the beach where, the fishermen receive blessings from the priest who then blesses their boats.

Having received their blessings, the fishermen are ready to let their hair down and enjoy a day packed with fun filled activities which includes racing their locally costructed wooden sailing work boats, and tug-of-war competetions, and plenty of eating and drinking.

As well as enjoying the name fishing capital, Gouyave is known as the town that does not sleep and on this night of celebration, like no other during the year, the town is transformed into a massive street jam at which local, well known artistes, entertain members of the local community, along with, locals from every corner of the island. Visitors to Grenada have, over the years, joined in the celebration at which they get a feel for the people at play.

The event officially closes at mid-night with a fireworks display however; it is not unusual to find revelers partying on until day break.


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