Nutmeg and other spices are important entities which contribute significantly to our Grenadian culture. Grenada, the Spice Island of the Caribbean, in an effort to revitalize the nutmeg sector launched the inaugural Grenada Nutmeg and Spice Festival. Series of activities were executed as the festival sought to raise public awareness about Nutmeg and other Spices from October 26th to November 2nd.  The Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association hosted three activities, the Nutmeg Culinary Competition, Nutmeg Planting Day and Culinary Award Ceremony and Gala Cook Off.

The Nutmeg Culinary Competition

Hotels/ Restaurants made extensive use of Grenada cultivated and processed Nutmeg and Spices in effort to create some innovative cocktails and menu. The competition started on Monday 29th October and ended Wednesday 31st October. Seven hotels participated in the competition:

  • Beachside Terrace (Flamboyant Hotel & Villas)

Desmond Lewis – Head Chef

  • La Belle Creole (Blue Horizons Garden Resort)

Andy Charles – Sous Chef

Ruth DeLeon – Sous chef

  •  Coyaba Garden Beach Resort

Saurash Chaudhary –Executive Chef

  • Mount Cinnamon

Cecil Taitt – Head Chef

  • Dodgy Dock Restaurant (True Blue Bay Resort)

Gary Birkett – Head Chef

  • Bash bar by Mark B (Calabash Hotel)

Mark Banthorpe – Executive Chef

  • Gary Rhodes Restaurant (Calabash Hotel)

Dexter Burris – Head Chef

Participating representatives from hotels/restaurants presented 3 course meals- appetizer, entrée and dessert, as well as Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic cocktails. The culinary delights were then judged for taste and presentation. A recipe book is slated to be published incorporating the recipes from the various culinary dishes prepared by the participating hotels/restaurants.

The Award Ceremony and Gala Cook off

In effort to raise funds for Team Grenada to participate in Taste of the Caribbean 2013, GHTA put together a series of practice dinners which culminated in a gala dinner. A beautiful gala evening was enjoyed by many as Team Grenada showcased their preparation for Taste of the Caribbean 2013. The chefs were divided into two teams and presented two mouthwatering menus: – Nutmeg Menu and Spice Menu.

It was indeed challenging for the guest and judges to choose which menu was outstanding since both were tremendous. The People’s Choice Award went to both team and the winner of the cook off went to the Spice Team in which they were awarded $1000 EC compliments Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association and the Nutmeg and Spice Festival. In the Nutmeg and other Spices Culinary Competition, prizes of hampers donated by Angustura, were awarded to La Belle Creole for their special effort, Bash bar by Mark B (Calabash Hotel) for the entrée,  Dodgy Dock Restaurant (True Blue Bay Resort) for the cocktail and Savvy’s Mount Cinnamon for the dessert. Dodgy Dock Restaurant, overall winner of the Nutmeg Culinary Competition, was awarded first place and a challenge trophy.

The experience of the Nutmeg and other Spices Festival was indeed enjoyable. Being able to plant a spice tree, or taste the spice dishes has created an indelible memory in the minds of the patrons who enjoyed the experience. We can now look forward to experiencing the epicurean delights at the 2013 Nutmeg and other Spices Festival

“Respect the Nutmeg”

– By Clevon J. Noel


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