19th March 2012, The Grenada Chocolate Company is getting ready for a new adventure.

The incredible story of how the Grenada Chocolate Company got off the ground is a true inspiration and proves that with dedication and love for what you do, anything is possible.

Twenty years ago Mott Green was fed up with the fast pace of life in New York City.  He hooked up with a reggae singer and the two hitched their way through the Caribbean eventually arriving in Grenada with only their charm to see them through.  Year after year Green returned to Grenada and eventually found himself, living in Hermitage.

Other than his charm and story telling skills Green had little to offer but the people of Hermitage helped him by bringing him food and over a period of time he regained his faith in the human race.  He was living on friends land in Hermitage in a bamboo house and got hooked on the delicious chocolate tea made from chocolate balls.  He noticed lots of cocoa trees growing around him and no one harvested them, so he asked the owner if he could.  Green soon became a full time cocoa hobbyist and became obsessive about cocoa.  Mott also loves to invent low energy machines and designed water pumps and solar cookers to help the local community including the cocoa farmers.

Mott Green, Doug Browne, Joyce Smart and Edmond Brown from Hermitage, the co-founders of the Grenada Chocolate Company, agreed that Mott and Doug should (on a shoe string) try and construct chocolate making machines so they could start to produce their own organic dark chocolate using environmentally friendly equipment, which they did over in Oregon where Doug Browne originated from.

When the duo returned to Grenada with their machinery they thought it would take them 3 months to rebuild a disused house that had been offered to them for a very small rent.  It took 2 years but the three friends started making chocolate on a commercial level for the first time in 2001.  All three men would work day and night to produce their organic bars of delicious dark chocolate.  40 kilo batches was their starting point.  They now have formed a farming co-operative and employ more then 10 staff.   At last Mott had found a way to give something back to the very people who had originally helped him and to Grenada by promoting their brand locally and internationally.

Their latest adventure will take them direct to New York and then on to Portsmouth in the UK to deliver 5 tons of Grenadian Organic Chocolate.

This adventure involves a Netherlands-based shipping company, Fair Transport, and their ship, the wind-powered Tres Hombres, currently docked in St George’s waiting to load the delicate cargo.  The Brigantine, Tres Hombres, is a 105ft, 165 ton square-rigged sailboat that can hold up to 30 tons of cargo.  The boat has no engine and follows the trade winds across the Atlantic with a crew of five.  This trip there will be some additional crew as Mott Green and a friend of his will be joining them.  You can follow their journey by visiting www.grenadachocolate.com

Already there has been a lot of international interest in the Grenada Chocolate Company’s latest venture.  There is no doubt Green will be promoting Grenada during the various interviews that he will give in New York and in the UK.  Good luck Mott and God willing we will see you in a few months on your return from this incredible journey.

If you require any further information please contact Lynn Fletcher on 456 7614 or Mott Green 415 1054.


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