Not many people know that Grenada Chocolate Co produces some very fine chocolate direct from the heart of our interior rainforests. Grenada has one of the strongest, richest cocoas in the world partially due to the super-rich volcanic soil here and the hot sun. Mott Green recognised this and in 1999 he started up a co-operative which now farms over 150 acres of cocoa and operates his own fermentary which along with his small factory is at the heart of the operation. This fine chocolate is made in the rainforest itself – within metres of the trees that the cocoa grew on – you can’t get fresher than that.

Production methods hark back to almost forgotten times in that machinery from the turn of the 20th century is employed and all of the work is done by hand, right down to wrapping the bars themselves. The cocoa is certified organic, totally free from herbicides and pesticides and reflects the complex flavor of Grenada’s fine-flavored organic cocoa beans, flavour which is retained by processing the cocoa in small batches. The company uses its own extracted cocoa butter and biodynamically grown vanilla beans to give the dark chocolate its award winning and unique flavour.


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