Grenada and fishing go back a very long way, ever since man took to the seas in the region in fact. We are blessed with a massive variety of marine life in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Oceans which meet at our

South and North points. While on the island why not try your hand at landing a big catch and then cooking it on the beach in the evening?


St. George
GrenadaManager: Stewart Smalley
Tel: 1 (473) 439 7929 or 538 9821



Come and fish with us on our fabulous sport fishing boat “WAYWARD WIND” and enjoy a great day out on the ocean.

We offer 4-hour trips fishing on the reef and, for something bigger, 6-hour and 8-hour trips in the deep for MARLIN and some very big TUNA.

Capt. Stewart and John the Crew look forward to seeing you soon.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at our fish pictures and see what we catch. And check out our website for all the catch reports and more pictures !


Get in touch today…….

Tight Lines from us all at Grenada Fishing


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