Grenada, the extent of its charm far surpasses what most may consider beautiful, alluring and pleasing to the eye. The exotic tri-island of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique provides a calm, peaceful and extraordinary experience for its visitors, leaving wonderful memories entrenched in their minds. Among the delightful qualities the island provides, is its untouched and natural environment and friendly people.  It is considered an untapped destination.

Untouched/ Natural Environment

Photo by Orlando K. Romain

In exploring the island of Grenada, one cannot help but observe how appealing the fresh air and relaxing temperature is. Though the country seeks to be further developed, the balance between nature and infrastructural development remains quite solid. In touring the outskirts of the capital town and venturing deep into the country side, many wonderful purely natural types of scenery will be observed. Grenada has a little of everything: sandy beaches, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, dive sites and nature trails that wind through lush tropical forest.

Friendly People

Photo by Orlando K. Romain

How can one not smile and feel enlightened when interacting with the natives of Grenada? Grenadians are well known for their warm, welcoming and overall pleasantness. This characteristic has never been taught within a formal setting; it has been inherited and permanently embedded into our people. Upon entering the island, whether by air or sea, the hospitable atmosphere in Grenada can be felt by all. Socializing in Grenada is one of the most memorable experiences that you will have during your stay in the tri-island state. The friendliness of the locals spread throughout and leaves you with the sure knowledge that you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

Island to yourself

Ever wonder what it feels like to have an entire island to explore on your own? If so, our sister isle Carriacou is the place to be! With its mere ten thousand inhabitants, there are endless places you can explore alone, or in small groups if preferred.  For an even more tranquil experience Petit Martinique, with a population of only five hundred, is what can only be described as ‘laid back’ with great on- the- water experiences awaiting you.

As a vacation spot Grenada, compared, to many other Caribbean islands, is relatively unspoilt and largely unknown as a holiday destination.  In fact these beautiful islands can be considered the “the secluded Jewel of the Tropics”.

Grenada by its very nature and geographical location is not synonymous with mass tourism.  This translates to an unspoilt environment leaving natural trails with an abundance of wildlife to be explored. In traversing the dense foliage of the exotic rainforest of the ‘Spice Isle’ you cannot help but feel that you are its sole inhabitant. Grenada is truly the ‘Unique Caribbean’ not yet overwhelmed by great infrastructural development and cruise ship passengers. Its natural habitat will grab our attention.

Visitors, fortunate enough to have had firsthand experience of Grenada’s beauty, would have gained a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime.   Each visit to the islands is unique and incredibly memorable.

We are sure you will agree that Grenada is a destination not to be missed.


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